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Hi guys:) Today I try to make a invented Gumball episode made by me , is a scary story , so let’s read:)

Gumball and Darwin go to a hat store . Darwin decide to try one , Gumball read a warning that say

,,Say to ur brother to not wear this ! This hat is cursed by evil demons!”

Gumball: Darwin, stop!!!

Darwin:Stop from what?

Gumball: From wearing that… hat? Darwin , where are u?

Darwin disappears . Where is he?

Rob , Is he a villain , but , he know everything!

Gumball ask Rob where is Darwin , he say :

Rob: He is in his hat , u need to go to a church and to say this : Dear Hat , let my brother to get out of this!” .

Gumball:Thanks !

Rob : I will come with u! To help u to find him!

Gumball : Thanks , that means a lot !

Gumball and Rob go to the church with the hat , they say this and Darwin appears! But Rob say this:We need to do a sacrifice , I will go in it ! See u later my friends and I am sorry for everything!

Gumball and Darwin: Bye … Our hero …. See u later…

Rob dissapears , Gumball and Darwin got to their house , but a surprise wait them.

They are at home , but no one is at home , is 3 am in the morning . In the kitchen , the clown wait for them

Clown : ha , there u are , Gumball…

Gumball: What?

The clown dissapears

Both of the are scared …

Five minutes after this , Gumball starts bl33d1ng from his ear :

Gumball: What is going on…. My ear hurt so …bad

Darwin: Don’t move… The clown is behind u !

Gumball: HELP!

The clown say : If u move , there is ur end!

Clown K1lls Gumball ,

It was a dream… Gumbal is happy because he is still alive , he goes to the hospital and meet the clown:

Clown:I was controlling ur dream , Rob was in ur dream too !

Gumball starts crying in tears and he ask his mom:

Gumball: Mom, where is Darwin ?

Nicole: He…he gets k1lled by a strange clown. I am so sorry dear ( she cry in tears too with Anais)

Gumball: I know him…He was in my dream…

Nicole : I gotta go to call the police , stay here dear

*Nicole calling:

Nicole:Hello? Someone? Please , my son gets k1lled by a strange clown ! His brother saw it in his dream!

Officer: Ok, stay where u are Miss , go take ur childs and get out of the hospital! He make childs laugh and he is dangerous for kids over 3 years !

Nicole:Ok(crying in tears)

Police arrives, saw Darwins b0dy and they say this:He is dead , he was Bl33ding internally … A poison do this , Is from the clown ….

Gumball,Nicole , Richard and Anais go to the Darwins funeral, all cry in tears

Gumbal say: See u later , my best friend . This will be the end?

Clown is behind them, he say : This is the end !

He k1lled the whole Watterson family .

How is goanna to be the Elmore in the future?


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